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Secret Fears Of Girls On The First Week Of Dating

"Is his ex ~*better?"

"Is he like my douchey ex?" 

Different man, same results. The best way to avoid this is to openly talk about the things you didn't like about your ex-boyfriend. And to the guys reading this, remember what your momma told you: "Actions speak louder than words." Please be better than our ex. K? Thanks bye.

"Is his ex ~*better?*~" 

We're scared that we might not be as loving, caring, and sweet as THE ex-girlfriend. We're scared that our new guy's family and friends still haven't gotten over his ex. 

"He might think dating me is a mistake!"

We're afraid that one day he'll wake up and leave us for someone more [insert adjective here]. 

"Do I have a place in his life?"

"Can he really see us as a couple?" "What if I'm just a rebound?!"  

"Is he judging me?"

"Does he think my skirt's too short?" "OMG I know nothing about The Avengers."


"He probably just wants me for sex..."

Sadly, some guys are good in the art of deceit. They make girls believe they're "Mr. Right" but once they get what they want, they disappear like a bubble. "Huhuhu is he one of those guys?" 


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