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6 Signs You've Been Friend-Zoned

You're just his girl friend, not his girlfriend.

1. He rarely hangs out with you alone.
Whenever you’re together, it’s always with common friends. You’re rarely alone with him, and when you are, it’s probably just by chance or because he needs you to help him with an errand. Taking you home without anyone else in the car isn’t really a sign that he’s into you either, since there’s a huge possibility that he’s just being nice.

2. He's very casual with you.
Girl, unless you’re in a sure-ball relationship, “dude” does not count as a term of endearment. He probably calls half of his barkada and the guys in the cafeteria “dude.” If he calls you “little sister” or “ate”, then better accept your fate. He loves you, but just not in the way you want to be loved. 

3. He’s okay with the usual akbay, but he never holds you hand.
There are guys who are touchy-feely, but don’t mistake his hand over your shoulder to be a sign that he wants you as something more than a friend. It can be just his way of showing that you’re closejust not as close as you want things to be.

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4. He is awkward about your pabebe advances.
If you try to hug him, he may hug you back, but it’s not the “I’ll-never-let-you-go” sort of hug. You’ll most likely get a quick squeeze and a couple of pats on the back before he gently pushes you away. The guy respects you as a girl and a friend, but not as a girlfriend.

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5. He asks you for love advice.
He always opens up to you when it comes to how to handle women. However, don't think that he's fishing for information about you. On the contrary, he may feel very comfortable with you so much so that he can share his issues about liking another person.

6. He asks you to be his wing-girl.
Probably the most blatant signal that he’s just not into you is when he asks you to introduce him to your friend that he fancies. It’s not that he’s insensitive to ask you this favor, but chances are, he doesn’t even know that you like him. Plus, it’s definitely his way of showing that you’re great pals, and sadly, nothing more.

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