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This One Detail About How You Kiss Says A Lot About Your Relationship

When you lean in to kiss your S.O., do you tilt your head to the left or to the right?

Who knew the way you tilt your head when kissing can say a lot about you and your bae?

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan analyzed images of couples kissing and compared these to images of family members giving each other those non-romantic smooches. They wanted to know if we turn our heads one way when we kiss a relative and turn it the other way when we kiss someone we have romantic relations with. And they found that lovers almost always tilted their heads to the right to kiss and make out, and towards the left when kissing relatives.

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According to the researchers, kissing is motivated by feelings of reward, which increases the activity in the left hemisphere of the brain. And because activity on one side of the brain makes us move our bodies the other way (you can Google "laterality"), we turn our head to the right when we kiss our S.O.

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It could also be because for most of us, the left side of our faces show more emotion than the right side. So we tilt our heads to the right so we can share the more emotional part of us with our partner.

But things are different for the lefties out there. Being left-handed can flip the trend because emotion is reversed in the lefty's brain, meaning feelings of reward are in the right hemisphere, so they turn to the left to kiss their partner.

But isn't kissing a family member also rewarding? Well, it can be, but according to the researchers there may be another neural process involved, which makes us turn differently.

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The results of this study don't apply across the board. Apart from being affected by handedness, the researchers noticed that the right-tilting didn't apply to all cultures. People with Arabic and Hebrew cultures turned to the left to kiss their partners,for instance. This could mean that the way we kiss for romance or for non-romantic relationships is something we learn from the way our parents kiss us or even what we see through media.

It's safe to assume though that when your partner tilts his head to his right to kiss you, he is (or wants to be) intimate with you. If he tilts to the left but isn't a lefty? Oh no?!

Chill. Kanye and Kim go both ways after all.

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