This Woman Cut Her Cheating Husband's Penis Twice

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Boys, let this be a reminder to never to cheat on your wives or girlfriends.

A Chinese woman chopped off her husband’s penis twice upon learning that he was cheating on her. The mother-of-five found out about her husband's affair with a 21-year-old woman, after he sent an e-mail to the other woman using his wife’s phone (strike 1) and forgetting to log out after (strike 2). It seems like he was really asking for it, huh?

So, his wife did the most logical thing any scorned woman would: she cut off her cheating husband’s penis using scissors while he was sleeping.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where surgeons managed to reattach the severed organ. The woman was not pleased with this, so she snuck into his room post-surgery and cut his penis off again, then threw it out the window.

Doctors and police never found the discarded penis. They speculate it was taken by a stray cat or dog.

Sounds like a movie plot, right? But nope, according to, this story is 100% true.


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