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10 Types Of Pictures Every Couple Has Shared On Social Media

You gotta milk that vacation content somehow.
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It’s 2018, and if you’re actively dating, all your followers know about it. Every couple is guilty of sharing these pictures at some point in their relationship. It's not that there’s anything wrong with showing off a photo of you and your bae, but it's likely the same stuff everyone has seen before. Here are ten photos every couple has shared to social media at one point or another.

  1. The "We're Having the Best Vacation Ever" picture.

    If you went on vacation but didn't take any selfies, did it even really happen? It's important you post at least one picture of you all coupled up, so everyone knows you're having a great time while they're at work. Ideally this involves you in close proximity to a body of water with drinks in hand, but panoramic views are also acceptable.

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  2. The "We're About to Have the Best Vacation Ever" picture.

    It's also important to take a picture on the plane or in the car. It's considered common courtesy so everyone knows in advance to block you for a week so they can avoid the deluge of vacation pictures you're about to hit their feeds with. This is a decidedly different picture than the "best vacation" picture as it kicks off the rest of your vacation content. Also, feel free to post a #TBT the week after you get back, with the caption "wish we were still on the beach."

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  3. The "blessed" picture but it's just one of you sleeping. 

    Obviously, you want to let everyone know how lucky you are to be dating whoever it is you're dating. Can't blame you for still being in the honeymoon phase of the relationship where even your partner sleeping feels adorable.

  4. MY MCM/WCW today and every day.

    Yeah, OK. We get it. We all get it. Just don't do it every weekend. It's one thing to jump on a bandwagon hashtag, and another to do it with the same person every week. Just once I'd like to see someone post someone really daring as their man or woman crush, like their partner's best friend or something.

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  5. "Embarrassing" picture of your SO that’s actually really cute.

    Did they get a little food on their face or you caught them mid-sneeze but the picture is weirdly flattering? Post it and laugh about how they really didn't want you to even though they're going to make it their avi a few days later.

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  6. At least one picture of food you're eating together.

    This is impossible to avoid. Some people post everything they’re about to put in their bodies. Others might want to commemorate a special dinner or an exotic dish. Still others just want to post a picture of the comically large corn dogs they just got. Whatever the motives, you WILL post a picture of food you’re going to eat with your significant other at some point.

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  7. A picture commemorating an anniversary.

    This is only done so you don't forget about your anniversary when FB reminds you again next year.

  8. Your engagement announcement.

    You need to announce this. It's understandable. This is THE photo. People who never use their social media will still upload this. Everyone is gonna be seeing this. Likes are going to be off the charts. Sh*t is going to be popping up at the top of every feed for days.

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  9. A collage of the amazing weekend you just had.

    Did you just go to Hong Kong with your SO this weekend? Fire up that collage app because damn, everyone needs to know.

  10. The "artsy" picture one of you took.

    Artsy exists on a spectrum here. Maybe one of you really has an eye for taking a picture of the two of you spooning at a non-traditional angle in black-and-white. Maybe it's an artsily filtered TBT from that vacation you guys took a few months ago. Either way, you've got plenty more to post and share.

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