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This Crying Photo Of A Bride Is Going Viral For The Sweetest Reason

PHOTO: James Day

People shell out thousands of pesos for a wedding shoot with a great photographer; we can’t deny that we live for those breathtaking shots we can proudly display—all over the house and on Facebook or Instagram. But along the way, we’ve started prioritizing staged shots over sweet and candid moments, which is something photographer James Day wants to rectify.

James has been specializing in wedding photography for over a decade now. He was recently hired by Adrian and Roslyn, a newly married couple. After all the usual shots, he was getting ready for his grand sunset scene. In an Instagram post, James wrote, “I love those [kinds of shots] but tonight, that just didn’t seem enough. Just as the light became amazing, I scrapped everything I knew and I walked up to them and said, ‘Guys, stop posing. Just enjoy your first sunset together as husband and wife.’”

James then said to Adrian, “I have a question for you, but I want you to tell the answer to Roslyn and not me…Out of billions of people on the planet, you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with Roslyn. Can you tell her why?”

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And this is what happened:

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James met up with the lovely couple in Iceland for their honeymoon. Here they are looking at a slideshow of their photo shoot:

Congrats, Roslyn and Adrian!

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