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What Guys Feel When They Get Cheated On

Insecure, inadequate, and emasculated.

Much has been said and written about men and their inability to remain loyal, but let’s get one thing straight. Behind every lying, cheating husband or boyfriend out there is an old flame who probably broke his heart in the same manner. Infidelity, after all, is a two-way street.

Here are some of the things guys who got cheated on go through:

1. We feel insecure, inadequate, and emasculated.
It’s inevitable for us to think that your infidelity has everything to do with our perceived shortcomings. Is it because we’re not handsome or rich or adventurous enough? Is he funnier? Smarter? Taller? Better in bed? We cry in buckets as we figure it out. 

2. We feel the urge to cheat back.
Some guys deal with with the pain by settling the score. "Because of what my then-girlfriend had done, it made me feel less guilty about fooling around with other girls," shares RJ, 30. "It became a regular occurrence, and that’s when we both knew things weren’t going to work out."

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3. We constantly think about the girl having sex with the other guy.
It’s one thing to forgive, but forgetting is half the battle. More often than not, a girl with a stained record is going to have to deal with a paranoid boyfriend. "I often struggle with the thought of my girlfriend sleeping with the other guy," reveals Joseph, 28. "I can’t help it, so we always end up fighting."

4. We want to hurt the guy you slept with.
We want to know who the guy is, so we could find him and ruin his life in return. We want to beat him up. Hack his Facebook account. Thrash his car. Sleep with his girlfriend and/or sister. But that’s just our egos talking, so we don’t actually push through on anything.

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