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What Happens To Men When They're In Love?

They grow a tail. Just kidding, an actual thing happens.

An early, admittedly tiny study out of Harvard Medical School found that oxytocin—the feel-good bonding chemical known as the "love hormone," which is released in the human body after activities like sex, cuddling, and breast-feeding—may be a weight-loss aid for men.

Half the sample group was given a dose of oxytocin and the other half wasn't. The former group ate 122 fewer calories and consumed 9 grams less of fatty foods than the latter group [Science Times].

Before getting pissed about the unfairness of it all (due to the irritating five pounds you/me/every woman we know tends to gain in relationships), realize that they didn't include women in this sample group—so it might actually be true for us, too. Also, the study only consisted of 25 men, 12 of whom were obese, and their ages were unspecified: Not exactly a true sample of the male demographic.

There's only one way to truly know if this is true for both genders: the Way of the Postcoital Burrito Order. Go forth, my children.


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