When Did You Realize That She Was The One?

Men tell us why they decided to get married.

Movies tell us that a magical moment will happen when you meet The One. There is a girl in a pretty dress, a guy in a suit with a bouquet of flowers, violins playing in the the background, and everything in slow motion. But this doesn’t really happen IRL, right?

So here, five real guys spill what REALLY happens:

"She saw married life exactly the way I did."
We were only dating then, and it was a miracle that after a decade and a failed marriage on both ends, we found ourselves single at the same time. There was one night that we sat across each other over coffee. We were talking about our views on love and life...and while I don't remember the exact words, I remember thinking that it looked like a scene straight out of a movie. Here was the woman I loved (I already knew that), telling me she saw married life exactly the way I did. At that moment, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. It was a weekday evening. I was late for work the next day. - Erwinbanker, married for 1 year

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"We couldn't stop giggling at each other's jokes."
When did I know? There was no big moment; we were friends first. But the more time we spent with each other, the more sense it made to be together. It's still that way now. We were having merienda in the college cafeteria (we were both undergrads at that time), and we just couldn't stop giggling at each other's jokes. [I thought], "Well, this is really nice. I think I'm going to stay with her." - Roycollege professor, married for 12 years

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"I tell the same jokes and she still loves them."
I spotted her working as a bank teller and I did all of these things to meet her and get to know her. I would pretend to withdraw money from the ATMs nearby and go to the counter just to chat her up. I’d also mess up the order of the bills as a delaying tactic just so she’d have no choice but to straighten them out. Then I’d make a move on her. I would intentionally ask for a statement of account, even though I knew exactly how much money I had in the bank. When you do stupid things like those, it’s a sign!

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We [later] discovered we both liked fried chicken to death and she loved all my jokes. And no matter how often I tell the same jokes, she still loves them. That’s what keeps us together—food and humor. - Glenntelecom marketer, married for 14 years

"We needed each other."
We met when she was still a teenager. At first, I could not imagine a relationship with her, but we managed to stay in touch. I was desperately searching for The One; she had a long line of suitors who only took advantage of her. We got together because we needed each other. She needed someone to carry her through what she was going through, and I needed someone to share my time and life with. So after several years of being friends and two months of dating, I proposed to her. 

So what made me do it? It was like a Taylor Swift song. We'd fight, then we'd break up. We've hurt each other in so many ways, but we keep running back to one another. Literally. I love her, and I still can't believe my luck that she’s still with me, even if there are so many reasons for her to leave. - Caloy, freelance photographer, married 2 years

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"When I saw her for the first time all made up."

When we were dating, it felt like trying on a brand new pair of shoeswe were both unsure of how we'd fit. We'd go on double dates and catch lots of movies together. She was interested in geeky stuff like me. She watched Star Wars every summer as a kid and I found that really endearing.

What sealed the deal for me was when I accompanied her to her graduation photo shoot for her college yearbook. I knew we already hit it off, but I had to admit, seeing her all made up for the first time made me go, 'Wow, she’s so hot!'" We were best buds then, but I didn't realize I was looking at my future wife. - Caseyproperty manager, married 12 years

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