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Why Guys Love Big Boobs So Much

Incredibly rich guys prefer smaller boobs, FYI!

You've probably wondered why guys in general prefer big boobs to small ones. Well, someone satisfied your curiosity. Two studies were conducted to find out what makes guys like them big and what factors are related to this preference.

The first research showed a relationship between attraction to big boobs and socioeconomic status. Psychologists Viren Swami and Martin Tovée asked 266 men of various socioeconomic status which breast size they thought was hotter. Both found that men who had a lower status favored big bosoms, while men who had a high socioeconomic status preferred a tiny pair.


Swami and Tovée also surveyed college guys all having the same environment. Sixty-six of them were hungry, while 58 are satiated when the researchers asked them which breast sizes they found the hottest. It turns out that the hungry college guys found big boobs significantly hotter than the satiated men did.

The researchers of this study conclude that both experiments show that boobs are associated with resources. The guys who were lacking something were drawn to something that signaled a lot of resources (big boobs). And those who had plenty or had enoughthose who were satisfiedweren't looking for more.

The second study, on the other hand, tests the long-held idea that guys like big boobs because guys believe these have something to do with fertility.

Researchers Christopher Burris and Armand Munteanu asked 67 straight college guys if they wanted kids and had them draw their favorite boob size on a female figure. Those who wanted to have a family placed big breasts, while those who had no plans of being a dad drew smaller breasts (along with a big waist-to-hip ratio).

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There may be a lot of factors affecting the results in both studies like level of porn exposure and exposure to popular media. And these still have to be looked into. The reason behind the hots for the big bosoms might still be elusive, but the correlations are there.

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