Why These 9 Women Broke Off Their Engagements

The feeling just isn't the same.
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  1. His jealousy pushed me away.

    "He was super jealous of me having relationships with anyone else, including friends and family. I had only seen my family once or twice in the two years we had been dating. He even made me miss my sister's graduation. When we were planning our wedding, we were planning to have it where we live. My family would be coming to visit us for the first time since [we] got together. I wanted to spend the night before the wedding in the hotel with them (and the night of the wedding with him at his mom's house, as requested). He said no, that I had to choose between them or him, and if I spent even one night with them it would undermine our relationship. I picked them. I've never regretted it!" [via]

  2. He became abusive.

    "When I got engaged he became controlling, like a whole different person. I called it off when he became physically abusive. Lucky escape!" [via]

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  3. He tried to control me.

    "After the ring was on my finger, he got so different. No more charm, just control and just plain meanness. An older mentor lady warned me about men that change once that ring is on. The real reason I thought was because I thought I loved our mutual friend. Turns out I didn't, but just loved that he was so much nicer to me than fiancé. I think only my belief I was in love with the friend gave me the ability to end it. Thank GOD."[via]

  4. I didn't want to be a housewife.

    "I called off a previous engagement after a year because I woke up to behaviors that I had been ignoring that pissed me off. He was low-key abusive, and wanted a housewife, which is not what I want at all. Once I got my first adult job that fully supported me on my own, he started to become more controlling, unsupportive, and just plain mean. I got out shortly thereafter and now I'm dating an incredible man who never makes me feel like an inconvenience, something I couldn't say before!" [via]

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  5. We didn't like each other anymore.

    "We didn't like each other anymore. We would talk about hypotheticals like, 'What if I don't want to live with you all year?' 'Could we be non-monogamous?' 'Would you be mad if I regularly worked 100 hours a week?' I finally put the pieces together, and we split." [via]

  6. He was an ass when I didn't want sex.

    "Ring went on and suddenly any time I turned down sex (with legit reasons no less) he would pout and be a total ass. No thanks on that forever..." [via]

  7. His habits annoyed me too much.

    "He moved in with me and literally every single thing he did was annoying to me. The way he didn't put the dishes in the dishwasher, him leaving Kleenex lying around, him not putting his phone on silent when I was trying to sleep, his re-doing his hair three to four times a day, the selfies he would take constantly, etc. After one week, I didn't even want to go home after work anymore because I was so irritated. So I was so angry I couldn't feel the love anymore. Sometimes I look back and think I was too harsh, but I honestly was so glad to have my home back to myself after I told him to get out." [via]

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  8. I got sick of his mansplaining.

    "He suddenly began to explain (mansplain) everything to me slowwwwly like I had a head injury. Apparently he thought I wasn't very bright. Before we got engaged, it wasn't an issue. After I was wearing his ring, he decided he'd 'help me' keep up. Oh boy." [via]

  9. Waking up next to him every day didn't feel right.

    "We got engaged while in [college]. He was a really sweet guy and all that. Before my [final] year I did a study abroad, and came back to him. The next morning I woke up and realized I couldn't wake up next to him for the rest of my life. I started to question how smart that decision was, because I was single for three years after that. Got set up on a blind date. When I saw him, I knew he was The One. We married and every morning, my heart sings when I turn over and see him."

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