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Cosmo Confessions: What Was Your Worst Breakup?

The heartbreak is real.
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Breakups hurt like hell—some more than others. It doesn't matter how many relationships you've been in, it's always a different kind of pain. For our first round of Cosmo Confessions, we asked our readers: What's *your* worst breakup story?

The breakup that caught you off guard

"I don't want to get into the details of why my ex broke up with me, [but] the bottomline was he didn't wanna be with me anymore, and it came out of nowhere. He was my first boyfriend, and I was extremely devastated. Back then, I lived alone in a condo in BGC to be close to work, and I had to move back home to my parents' house 'cause it was too lonely. I made my mom sleep beside me for days. I would go to work and cry in the bathroom stall. I couldn't eat either and smoked way too many cigarettes. I'm totally okay now, but looking back at that experience, I can still say it was one of the worst things I've ever gone through.

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Your dad didn't approve

"It was my first relationship but before it even started, it already ended because my dad disapproved. He even hit my boyfriend in the face [while we were inside his car]. He was my boyfriend right after I graduated from college because it was the rule set by my father that we could only [date] after [graduation]. I was so traumatized then, and I was grounded for three months... [it only lasted that long] because I had to break up with him since he did not fight for our relationship...I'm already married [but] I can still remember how I felt that night..." 

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He wanted to "cool off" and "find himself"

"After [a] trip to La Union and Baguio, he 'wanted to find himself.' I asked if he was interested in other girls, [and] he said that he was but isn't sure [about] what he wants. He didn't want to officially break up that night; [just wanted to] 'cool off'. He still asked me to attend his family's despedida for his cousin a couple of days later. [After that], he said he wanted to [celebrate our monthsary] by watching a movie (that I ended up paying for). After the movie, he asked if I could stay with him in his condo, only to break up with me that night. I cried until 5 a.m. The morning after the breakup, he had to go to work, and I was on official sick leave. I still took him to work by 12 p.m. By 3 p.m., he was calling because he was [forced] to go home because of high fever and nausea. Guess who picked him up and brought him home? ME. On top of that, I took care of him for two more nights because he 'wanted me there'. When he got better, he was still firm on breaking up."

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A higher calling?

"My worst breakup story is when the first guy I ever truly loved ended up breaking up with me kasi gusto niya magpari.

The fairytale that ended abruptly

"Our love was a fairytale while it lasted. After our trip in Thailand, we parted ways in the airport. He messaged me: 'Thank you for all the beautiful memories and sorry for everything. Goodbye.' That's it.

He ghosted me, ended it via text, and went back to his ex

"He ghosted me two days before 2018 ended. [12 days later], he broke up with me via text message. Later on, I found out [that] my gut feeling was right. He went back to his ex-girlfriend (the one he was with right before we got together). We were good friends and co-workers before, and he just left me with no closure. We were together for two and a half years. Talk about new life, new job, new gf to ring in the new year." 

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It was never official

"What we had was what I considered the worst kind. We were not [officially together], but we did what normal couples usually do: dinner dates, movie hangouts, and even making out! I was very ecstatic with what we had but was also waiting for him to [ask me to be his girlfriend]. As it turned out, he was not ready to commit. He told me that I am girlfriend- and [even] wife-material, and [that] I deserve someone better [than] him. There is a different level of pain when the person you like tells you he likes you [back but] can't commit to you. Now, we're trying to make our relationship connect as platonic friends while I'm fighting the urge to stop liking him."

False hopes

"He told me ako pa rin ang mahal niya kahit nasa U.S. na siya, only to find out just three weeks [later] na he has a nine-month-old daughter and a partner! Through a video call using the account of his 'partner,' he told me we can't talk anymore 'cause he was choosing his daughter. Then he disappeared without any apology or even telling me why he lied. I was even called a 'homewrecker,' even though I was caught off guard by everything. He was a total asshole." 

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The messy kind of breakup

"The worst breakup I had is my only breakup. It happened in August 2018. Our four-year relationship was starting to turn toxic as we constantly argued and didn't spend much time together like we used to. So while all [of that] was happening, I started developing feelings for one of my guy friends and I didn't like it at all. I have never been so guilty in my life and being the person that I am, I told him about what I felt and he said he already knew. I promised that I'd work my feelings out and that this was something I was gonna solve. But our relationship was already rocky [so it] got worse as we argued more, saw each other less, and even talked less.

We started to drift apart even more, and we grew tired of each other. Despite this, I still tried everything I could to save it because I knew that I loved him very much...but what didn't help was that the guy I had feelings for was starting to grow closer to me [as well].

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I [learned] that my boyfriend cheated on me two years before, and I never found out. It was my friends who told me; they've known of this for a while and couldn't keep it to themselves anymore. I was so heartbroken. My then-boyfriend didn't really bother with assuring me that it was just a rumor or at least take the situation seriously. He was mostly just pissed because somebody revealed his secret.

Long story short, we broke up. A month later, I started dating the guy I had feelings for because apparently, he liked me back. That made things bad because people started calling me a cheater and using him as a rebound, and all of a sudden, it was my ex who became the victim of a cheating girlfriend. But after a month, the guy I liked left me hanging so that ended, too. Now, my ex is happily dating a new girl. I accepted the fact that I cheated and gave up on him so it would be easier for me to move on. But things are still messy, and I'm still trying to learn from [everything that] happened." 

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