A Peek Inside The Rocker Chic Bag Of Model Valerie De los Santos

What are the daily work essentials of ramp models like Valerie? Find out in this gallery.

As someone who walks the fashion talk, ramp model Valerie De los Santos exudes her personality through her outfits, which are often characterized as street fashion. Valerie has long been exposed to the fashion industry as one of the top models that grace the runways of well-known designers and local brands. This tall, pretty morena is a regular in fashion shows in Manila, where she sashays in the season's most coveted pieces.

She has also turned this penchant for fashion into a business. She owns two online stores called Street Beat Boutique and Shopwonderlust. With the help of her modeling jobs and love for traveling, she gets to visit other countries frequently and shop, not just for herself, but also for other street-style-loving fashionistas.

In one of the many fashion shows Cosmo has attended recently, we approached this stunning model to ask if we could raid her bag. She gladly invited us to Myron’s in Greenbelt 5 for a little chat as we did our What’s In My Bag routine. We love Valerie's rocker chic outfit that day, as she layered all-black and leather pieces a la Kate Lanphear, with a chain Zara pouch slung over her shoulder.

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