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Ara Mina Shows Us What's Inside Her Louis Vuitton Bag

See the daily essentials this sultry actress totes around in her designer handbag!

Ara Mina

Actress Ara Mina looks better than ever when we last saw her at the launch of Allura Body Contour and Slimming Center, which she endorses with DJ Nicole Hyala, Cosmo Online Hunk Johan Santos, and Ara's equally beautiful sister, former Cosmo cover girl Cristine Reyes.

We spotted Ara wearing a basic gray and black dress in quite a conservative cut, which still couldn't hide her sexy curves, at the press conference for Allura. We also noticed that she was toting a metallic Louis Vuitton handbag, and we couldn't resist taking a peek at what she brings with her on a daily basis. Are her things similar to what her little sis Cristine totes in her bag?

Ara gamely showed us some of the essentials she had with her that day, which were a lot! Her bag is actually a lot heavier than it looks! She had three phones, lots of makeup, and even sachets of tea. She carries products for quick fixes, too, like an Emergency Stain Stick and a handy spray that neutralizes the smell of cigarette smoke.

Launch the gallery to see what else we found in Ara's bag.

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