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When Asked What Colors Are Best For Morenas, Liz Uy Said: 'Bagay sa'yo if you think bagay sa'yo'

She and sister Laureen Uy answer more fashion Qs in a new vlog.
Liz Uy's style tip

Much to our delight, Laureen Uy managed to convince her big sister Liz Uy to join her in another vlog and get her tips and insights on all things fashion and style. They first talked about their fashion staples: Liz has tank tops in different cuts because it's "basic" and easy to layer while Laureen is really, really into denim. Gets!

When asked about the best colors and types of clothes for morenas, Liz answered, "Actually, lahat naman." Apart from the "technicalities" that involve your skin undertone, the celebrity stylist asserted, "Sa panahon ngayon, hindi na uso yung 'Eto lang ang bagay sa'kin'. Bagay sa'yo if you think bagay sa'yo."

Liz Uy

She added, "It's the way you style it, and it's the way you carry it." 

They also gave advice on beautiful outfits you can go for on your birthday—depending on your style—and how you can be confident in the clothes you wear. Liz said, "I think you'll be confident if you're comfortable rin. If alam mo sa sarili mo that this is your own style, and you're wearing it only for yourself and nobody else, 'yan. For me, I dress up for myself and not for anybody else." Laureen shared how her style evolved through the years. In college, she experimented with a "girlier" look: "Naging super girly ako, every day naka-heels ako at one point..." Now, she's more comfortable with the fashion choices she makes. 

Hear more fashion tips from Liz Uy and Laureen Uy below:


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