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WATCH: You’ll Never Guess What This Dad Used To Make His Daughter’s Pageant Dress

Don't you just love seeing cute father-daughter moments on the internet? To name a few, there's Jake Ejercito and Ellie Eigenmann's reunion in Siargao, and Vin Abrenica gushing about being a new father to his "little princess." I don't know about you guys, but it's just so, so heartwarming to see a hands on ~girl dad~.

Take for example Anthony Gonzales, a former OFW and art director for Philippine Airlines Mabuhay magazine. He recently made a pageant dress for his daughter Agatha, and it looks AMAZING. Check it out! 

Balikbayan box dress- full view of the dress with feathers and wings

Fun fact: The main materials for this dress were old balikbayan boxes, old clothes, and old curtains! It was designed for an *online* pageant at Agatha's school that showcased costumes made out of recycled materials. 

Balikbayan box dress- full view of the dress

According to Anthony, "We have 13 balikbayan boxes that are still in our garage. So we thought, 'Why don't we just use our balikbayan boxes since it's a recycled costume?'" His designed for Agatha's costume was inspired by three different creatures: the Philippine eagle, the maya bird, and the Sarimanok of the Maranao people. 

Balikbayan box dress- Agatha
Balikbayan box dress- Agatha's headpiece

"Hands on dad kasi talaga ako. Pagdating sa outfits, gusto ko maayos yung suot niya," Anthony added. In fact, all his hard work definitely paid off because Agatha won several awards during the pageant such as Miss Advocacy, Miss Popularity, Miss Talent, and the  pageant title, Miss valiant. 

Congratulations, Agatha and Anthony! 

Balikbayan box dress- father and daughter, Agatha and Anthony

Watch the video below to know more about how Anthony designed a dress using recycled balikbayan boxes.


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