How To Take The Perfect Beach Photos, According To Rei Germar

Take notes for your next beach trip!
PHOTO: Instagram/reigermar

One look at her Instagram feed and Youtube channel, and you would see that Rei Germar is the ultimate beach babe! She’s been to numerous picturesque destinations and her photos—which rack up thousands of likes on the daily—definitely give justice to these locations. If you’re hitting the beach soon and you want to take the perfect photos, try to pick up some tips from Rei’s double-tap worthy pics: 

One basic photo tip is to take photos from below—it makes your legs look longer and your butt slightly bigger ;) 

Aside from taking photos from a lower angle, you can also tiptoe to help accentuate your curves while making you look taller. 

If you’re taking a dip, take a photo while ~*emerging*~ from the water to show off how clear it is. (And model your hot bikini while you're at it!)

One popular beach photo trend is to ~*fake climb*~ trees!

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If you’re going on a trip with bae (aka your fave travel buddy), ask him to carry you on his shoulders for the cutest couple pic! 

Take photos while lying on the shore, but since it’s such a struggle, you can be candid about it and take advantage of Instagram’s multiple photos feature by showing the behind-the-scenes! #TheStruggleIsReal lol. 

Look far into the distance as if you're already thinking about your next trip. 

Beach photos don’t always have to showcase the water and the sand. You can get creative by taking photos in other parts of the island.

Like by the palm trees... 

or the rock formations. 

You can also explore parts of the resort you're staying in. Rei was able to utilize the shower area!

And her resort's super IG-worthy bathroom.

Take photos while blocking the sun for the perfect silhouette shot. Bonus points if you take them while the sun is setting because we all know that sunsets by the beach are totally to die for! 

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