10 Reasons To Wear Granny Panties

Didn't think these would be uso again, buuuut...

Thongs are out, granny panties are in! The New York Times cites data from US research company NPD Group showing that thong sales have dipped 7 percent in the last year, while sales of fuller styles like briefs, boy shorts, and high-waisted panties have upped a collective 17 percent. Obviously we’re stoked for this news, because anything that keeps our ladybits happy is A-OK in our book. Here, we list 10 reasons you should totally ditch the thong to go granny.

1. They’re cool.

We never thought we’d see the day when “cool” and “granny panties” could be used in the same sentence, but apparently, that day has come. In the same New York Times article, Bernadette Kissane, an apparel analyst at market intelligence firm Euromonitor, reveals that full-bottom undies are considered cool now among millennials. “Thongs have had their moment,” she says.

2. They’re sexy.

Don’t be fooled by the “granny” label—these babies support your butt, hug your curves, and come in lacy designs that are hot AF. Ever seen those images of sultry pinup girls from the '50s? There’s nothing “granny” about those.

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3. You can rock more prints.

There’s simply not enough space on a thong to accommodate a print of your favorite word or a pattern of your favorite cartoon character. With fuller panties, you can fit the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros on your backside and still have room for the lands beyond the Wall (Game of Thrones fans, whatuuup?).

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4. They don't give you a permanent wedgie.

Nothing about having a string of floss fabric shoved deep where the sun don’t shine is comfortable. And on a related note…

5. They’re healthier for your vag.

With thongs being very narrow in the crotch area, the fabric can easily shift from your rectum to your vagina and so forth—bringing bacteria or viruses from here to there. Here we listed 13 times you should ditch the butt floss. 

6. They’re ideal for when you’re on your period.

Where would those wings on sanitary napkins go if there were nothing for them to stick to? Full-bottom panties are practical like that.

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7. You can go without waxing in them.

When wearing a fuller pair, you don’t have to worry about stray pubes peeking out from the edges. Your garden is free to bloom as it pleases.

8. Visible panty lines aren’t such a big deal, after all.

Why choose to walk around with a wedgie when there are seamless full-bottom undies out there that can also minimize lines? 

9. Even guys think thongs are illogical.

YouTube comedian Robbie Sherrard shared a video of himself trying to figure out a pair of thongs. Some of his observations: “First I thought it was a lanyard,” “This is like a choker necklace for your crotch,” and “I’ve seen felt tip pens with more fabric than this.” He’s right, though. Thongs are kind of illogical—even more so when you consider that we often wear them to please men.

10. They’re comfy.

Not gonna lie, this is the number one reason granny panties are the bomb. When we wear fuller styles, we wear them for our own comfort, not to please anyone else. And when a lady feels comfortable, she feels FABULOUS.

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