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13 Bikini Struggles Girls With Small Boobs Feel

Pancake boob is REAL.

1. Sizing is tough. If you want small boobs, you're stuck buying a Size 6 or 8 in most shops. But just because you've got small boobs, it doesn't mean you're necessarily built like a model. Amiright?

2. Material is sparse. For some reason, smaller-boob bikinis often appear more like nipple covers than an actual proper bikini. Yet the price is somehow the same...

3. Separates are a MUST. See point 1. Sure, maybe the the size of your boobs just about squeezes into an 8, but your butt? Sadly not.

4. To pad or not to pad? It can take years to find the optimum level that gives you a tiny boost, without carrying around the entire contents of the swimming pool for the rest of the day.

5. You've mastered the casual water-squeeze. If you do opt for padding and take a dip in the pool, you know the very specific sensation of squeezing your bikini pads to try and minimize waterlogging. It feels like you're peeing from your boobs.

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6. And then the gaping... Why are all padded bikinis built in a way that means there is always a gap between boob and fabric? Essentially, if anyone's looking from the wrong angle, nip is clearly visible.

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7. But pancake boob is real. Sure, bandeaus are great for tan lines, but they also have a very unfortunate habit of squishing your breasts as flat and wide as possible.

8. On the plus side, they dry out SUPER fast.

9. Triangle bikinis are tough. By which we mean unflattering 99.9.% of the time.

10. And swimsuits? Just…no. Unless you have the absolutely perfect level of perkiness, symmetry, lift, and volume to pull it off, you end up looking like a small child at a school swimming gala.

11. You are so thankful for their perkiness. Support is not essential, which means no halter-neck straps digging into necks.

12. And boob sweat is not a worry. The fear of that underboob sweat line is something you are SO grateful to not experience.

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13. Topless sunbathing is mega tempting. Kate Moss does it, after all. But you can never quite build up the courage.


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