15 Thoughts That Keep A Fashion Girl Up All Night

'What will I wear tomorrow?' is asked 53,653 times.

1. “Seriously, how can it be 11:40 p.m. already? Time sure flies when I’m browsing fashion online.”

2. “Should I pick na what to wear for tomorrow? Nah, it’s fine. I’ll just wake up real early. Besides, I get the best ideas in the morning after a good night’s sleep. So I really have to turn in like, right this minute.”

3. “What will I wear tomorrow? Ugh, I knew I should’ve done that closet inventory last weekend. Let’s see—I can pair the sequin-y tank I got from the Mango sale with my dark jeans. My white button-down is already washed; it can go with the jeans, too. Or with my nude-pink midiskirt. But my dresses are calling me.”

4. “I know, I’ll look for OOTD inspiration on Instagram na lang. Okay, so Diane is kinda into flowy, cold shoulder tops now. Maybe it’s better to return mine since it still has the tags on, I’m not really into it anyway. Thank you, H&M’s easy return and exchange policy!”

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5. “What is this MAC X Phillip Treacy collaboration and why don’t I have it? FOCUS! Fuuudge, this isn’t working out.”

6. “One last peek. On Facebook. Gag, Andrew tagged a photo of me wearing that boxy crop top! It’s not photogenic at all! I think I’m getting sleepy. But first, I have to untag this. Sorry, friend.”

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7. “What will I wear on my feet tomorrow, I mean later? My toes hurt just thinking about my self-imposed heel reimmersion program. Haay, the things I find on social media.”

8. “Dear universe, please help me decide what to wear. Why the hell didn’t I buy that indigo blue shirtdress in Zara kasi? Whoever said that ‘walk away and sleep on it’ line is full of crap.”

9. “It’s partly Zara’s fault. Did they start making their clothes smaller or did I get bigger? I used to be a size 4, now I’m a freaking 6. Hassle!”

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10. “And hello, wake up! For a TRF piece, ang mahal nya! NOOO, don’t wake up! I have a full day that’s starting in a few hours!”

11. “Fine, that ship has sailed. I’ll go with my floral-print pencil skirt and be a walking #tbt. I hope no one will notice. That I wore it two weeks ago.”

12. “Oh hey, I just remembered I have a jersey playsuit hanging at the back of my closet! But my tummy might look bloated in the morning. Definitely should not have had that second slice of pizza. And that big piece of key lime pie.”

13. “Great. Now my tummy is grumbling. And my eyes are heavy.”

 14. “I am SO screwed. I will oversleep and have zero time to do my makeup. And that five-minute makeup challenge isn’t for me—I know because I tried.”

 15. “Please clothes, get out of my mind!!!”

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