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17 Struggles Only Girls Who Love Clothes Will Understand

Travel + Shopping = #UbosPera

1. A closet full of clothes is an understatement. The real struggle is that you don’t have enough shoes and only two, yes, only two bags.

2. You have an intense clothing version of wanderlust going on every month. “Please, I just really, really want to set foot in a clothing store. I won’t buy anything, I promise.” *crosses fingers*

3. You’re annoyed that people think you wake up every morning with enough time to make it out the door all dressed and put together. IRL, you woke up late, skipped breakfast, and would have to face the mountain of clothes you tried on and dumped on the bed when you come home at night.

4. You can’t sleep until you have browsed all the new arrivals of Zara, Topshop, and H&M. You also lose sleep trying to add more pics to your 1,000+ style board in Pinterest, proof that you are a ‘window’ shopping master. Or addict.

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5. You don’t believe in a capsule wardrobe concept. Only 25 mix-and-match pieces on rotation daily? Hahahaha!

6. You hold on to old trendy pieces, thinking everything comes back in style at some point. But you let go of them anyway, since you need the space to house last week’s haul.

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7. At times, you have to remind your trusty labandera to be gentle when hand washing your sheer tops as they can tear. But really she’s secretly your hero. Her hands are amazing and she takes care of your clothes like they’re her own.

8. When the rest of your clothes are inside the washing machine, you look at them like a mama dog would her puppy. “What if the color runs? What if they shrink? I’ll never be able to forgive myself!”

9. Same thing happens when you travel. A piece of your heart will always be left behind with your checked-in luggage and you pray fervently that it comes back safe into your arms. Oh, and you slipped your favorite dress in your hand-carry as though it’s your security blanket. You need a change of outfit after the touchdown anyway.

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10. You can finally breathe; your luggage didn’t go MIA on you. Now settled in the hotel with all your vacation outfits inside the walk-in closet, you can’t wait for Day 3 (Shopping Day) in your itinerary. You’re also seriously hoping to sneak in clothes shopping in between food trips and sightseeing.

11. Which only means: travel + shopping = #UbosPera

12. You wished Gossip Girl and Sex and the City never ended because they gave you endless style inspirations. Sure, you can relate to Lena Dunham’s Girls, but the show falls short of that dreamy visual effect you’re craving.

13. You keep on wearing your new Levi’s midrise jeans to even out the cost per wear. Which kinda makes you feel guilt because you don’t use your other pairs anymore.

14. You can’t gain weight, or it’s bye-bye to your crop tops and other tailored pieces!

15. You were deeply apologetic to your big sister (who lives in New York) because you had to wake her up via FaceTime on a Sunday morning to drive to the nearest Target store and buy you a low-end piece of Lilly Pulitzer that’s already sold out online. Okay, this is more like her struggle than yours. Sorry na, ate!

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16. Every time you go to H&M in SM Mega Fashion Hall, you’re secretly mental-mapping its store layout. This is in preparation for the Balmain collaboration release on November 5. Enough already—you’re not disclosing your plan.

17. Lastly, you have to affirm that you’re not a crazy hoarder. Every purchase is pinag-isipan. When you buy clothes, you help the economy and you find creative ways to work each item into outfits that you will look and feel good about.

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