17 Ultra Violet Things On Our Wish List

We want them all!

In this age of blush pink everything and desaturated Instagram filters, bold, deep-hued colors such as this dramatically provocative and thoughtful shade of purple was never really a popular choice. Well, until now.

We found 17 reasons to love Ultra Violet, Pantone's Color of the Year for 2018:

  1. Here’s what you’ll be wearing to party on New Year ’s Eve.

    Party top, P899, H&M

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  2. A pair of earrings is a totally non-committal way of riding on the purple trend.

    Leather tassel earrings, P910, O’el Designs

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  3. Or keep it low-key with a pair of purple-framed sunglasses.

    Sunglasses, P399, Sunnies Studios

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  4. Otherwise, go confidently ~extra~ in this pair of pants.

    Trousers with zippers, P1,490, H&M

  5. Never realized purple was such a fun color until this.

    Troublemaker sweatshirt, P1,995, Mango

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  6. Ultra Violet can definitely look ultra-chic, too.

    Leather strap watch, P8,975.14, Ted Baker 

  7. A backpack in a ~futuristic~ color will take you places.

    Water resistant backpack, P4,895.53, Fjallraven

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  8. Whether traveling or working, this will come in handy.

    Crush headband, P490, Parfois 

  9. Say goodbye to basics, and hello to this Ultra Violet pair.

    Sandals, 4793.08, Birkenstock

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  10. Imagine running errands in these!

    Sneakers, P4542.70, New Balance

  11. Yup, we know you’ve already booked your trips for next year.

    Textured luggage, P5,350, Kamiliant

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  12. For cold-weather places, here’s a Kim Bok Joo-esque beanie.

    Beanie with puff, P1761.57, Herschel 

  13. You’re just as ready for the summer heat, too.

    Floral dress, P2,109, Mango 

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  14. Your motivation to getting back to the daily grind.

    Deep purple loafers, P3,650, Charles & Keith

  15. Plus, a bag in a subdued hue to complete any office-ready look.

    Leather bucket bag, P4,495, Ni Qua

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  16. Activewear for you to start the year right fabulously.

    Gym leggings, P950, Be Amaz1ng

  17. And of course, a very 2018 bikini, for the body you’ve worked so hard for.

    Printed bikini set, P500, Sirena

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