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8 Luxury Sneakers Celebs Love

PHOTO: (1) Gucci, (2) Instagram/mainedcm

We've come a long way since Lanvin's patent cap-toe and Golden Goose's pre-scuffed numbers, but it seems our obsession with sneakers has shown no signs of faltering. And perhaps our feet would like to keep it that way for as long as we can. It even looks like our favorite celebs have the same idea! See which pairs they love and how they wear 'em.

  1. Rick Owens

    Price: $638 (approx. P32,682.19)

    The dark lord is the OG health goth. But even before the term was coined, this man was already pushing for the drapey, all-black urban ninja look. Here's his take on the trendy sock-sneaker silhouette. Its thick, jagged contrast sole gives the shoe a dark yet athletic edge. Props to Coleen for knowing a winner when she sees one.
  2. Common Projects Achilles Low

    Price: $377 (approx. P19,312.20)

    Identifiable only by the gold numbers stamped on the heels, Common Projects built a cult following on its tenets of quality construction and clean design. Other models are similarly low-key and highly valued. 
  3. Gucci Ace

    Price: $730 (approx. P37,394.97)

    Who hasn't seen these sneakers? Since Alessandro Michele took over the reins at Gucci in 2015, Instagram feeds all over the world have been populated by versions of the Ace sneaker, most often white with the trademark stripe running diagonally down the sides.
  4. Valentino Open

    Price: $509 (approx. P26,074.03)

    Valentino was early to the sneaker game, creating studded trainers as early as 2013. The Open sneaker was born a couple of years later but it has since held itself in place in the court of paparazzi shots, OOTD posts, Instagram stories, and public opinion. Verdict: Covetable as ever.
  5. Alexander McQueen

    Price: $575 (approx. P29,454.95)

    Alexander McQueen's oversized sneakers are a bit of a sleeper hit. It didn't quite broach the mass consciousness but its distinct, fluid shape has been imitated by contemporary brands and sidewalk vendors the world over. Some copycats even print the wrong (French) designer's name on their knockoffs

  6. Harlan+Holden Camino

    Price: P4,950.00

    If we're being frank, the Camino looks a bit like our grade school rubber shoes that were... um... very, very affordable. But it's definitely been tricked out because it enters the scenes with materials that are oh-so-perfect for our tropical weather. Mesh and canvas, yes, please!
  7. Acne Adriana

    Price: €320 (approx. P19,012.63)

    Acne Studios has become quite known for the straight-faced emoticon, so it was a surprise to the fashion community when its meaning was revealed in August this year. Creative director Jonny Johannson explained it's "...just an ordinary Swedish citizen. Not too happy, not too sad, but somewhere in between."
  8. Saint Laurent Court Classic

    Price: €495 (approx. P29,402.56)
    Writing on your sneakers is cool again! As evidenced by Off White x Nike, Vetements's Reebok pumps, Dolce & Gabbana's controversial pair, and these Saint Laurent Court Classics. And if you're looking for a reason to justify the hefty price tag, that's not canvas you're looking at, but distressed leather.

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