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9 Signs You're The Stylish Couple Of The Barkada

Parati kayong nasa

1. Your friends constantly ask you and your boyfriend for advice when it comes to their outfits. The girls send you OOTD pics for you to check before they head out and the guys constantly ask your man for style tips when they’ve got dates. And both of you are more than happy to share your fashion knowledge.

2. When you guys have new pieces you’ve just purchased, it doesn’t take long for everyone else in the squad to follow suit. Hey, they say imitation is the best form of flattery. Just make sure there are no accidental twinsies incidents!

3. Combined, your wardrobes could dress an entire country. Well, not really, but for regular folks, your closets are pretty massive.

4. Your couple IG game is on point! Even when you two are eating, hanging out, or pretending to be sweet for the camera, you curate things to be visibly pleasing. #shipgoals

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5. People like taking photos of you and your man. You guys just instantly class up any picture, giving it a natural edge that’s hard to come by.

6. And when you guys attend events, you’re always featured on websites like E di kayo na ang fasyon!

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7. Formal occasions get you two excited. No one believes that you weren’t matchy-matchy on purpose. Who are you two kidding?

8. You guys don’t follow trends. You start them. You two draw your inspiration from the movies you see, the books you read, and the music you listen to. Your originality comes from stealing from the best and making it your own.

9. You and your man are the type who give zero f**ks about what others think. You dress for yourselves, and in the end, that’s why your sense of style is so prominent.