This Wedding Gown Will Have You Nearly Naked On Your Big Day

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Sex has always been an undercurrent of the wedding dress. Even though white didn’t become popularized in Western custom until Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840, the now ubiquitous color came to symbolize the virginal purity of a bride who’d never had sex before her wedding day.

No one even pretends to be that kind of bride anymore, and wedding dress trends have started to reflect a woman’s desire to look and feel sexy when she walks down the aisle. Designer Alon Livné pushed that standard even more on Sunday when he showed the Spanish Art Nouveau-inspired 2017 collection of Alon Livné White.

Already known for his revealing bridal designs, Livné sent this very naked, very bedazzled look down the runway for his latest collection. The dress featured a gauzy skirt attached to what was basically a flesh-colored bodysuit covered in stunning silver beading and embroidery.

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Called "Heaven," the dress was inspired by the idea of a Greek goddess, Livné told "I wanted to make something that is very showstopper, very unique, but still feminine and soft," he said. 

The bodysuit itself is "quite comfortable," Livné explained, and would be sold at market with a different overskirt. (The sexy++ factor was for show purposes.) But, individual brides can make adjustments. "For the dancing, she can take off the overskirt and be more sexy," he said. (See: The bodysuit-wearing bride who went viral with her Beyoncé dance.)

The "Heaven" dress was one of the show’s most popular, judging by the number of people who posted the look to Instagram.

Another super-sexy dress, called "Venus," was an embellished halter dress with a flowing white skirt that had two hip-high slits in the front. It was reminiscent of the scandalizing red dress that Bella Hadid wore at Cannes this year.

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Unlike the "Heaven" dress, the "Venus" will be sold as it was shown on the runway. It can be customized for the more modest bride, of course. "We don’t want to have her grandma see her underwear" if she doesn’t want, Livné said.

But as the sexy bridal trend becomes more mainstream, even grandmas might be getting more comfortable with the idea of a bride looking hot on her wedding day. "What you see out there with all the celebrities and social media, it’s getting into real life," Livné said. "People want to be sexier."

Here are a few more standout looks from the 2017 Alon Livné White collection:

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