These DIY Designer Pieces Are For Broke Girls Who Can't Afford The Real Thing

The only time we'll let fake Guccis slide.

For every logo bag decorating the Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt, there are truckloads of knockoffs lining the racks in Greenhills. This exact situation applies elsewhere in the world—from Mongkok in Hong Kong to Canal Street in New York, every city has a dedicated spot for fake designer items, ranging from the blatantly obvious to the expertly crafted counterfeit.

Artist Ava Nirui’s creations fall under the former category, but they’re so damn good, we’re not even bothered. Less an attempt to show off one’s wealth and more of a creative outlet that pokes fun at our preoccupation with wearing the *right* labels, Ava’s work mixes luxury brands with streetwear staples (Champion sweats, Nike sneakers) any millennial with a pulse on what’s cool would covet.

Too bad these aren’t for sale.

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