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Can We Take A Moment to Worship Emma Watson and Her Single Earring at the Golden Globes?

Did we not get the memo? Are the '80s back?

We thought it was an unlikely choice for Emma Watson to walk the Golden Globes in a backless Christian Dior masterpiece over her cigarette pants, but the girl knew how to WERK IT.

She probably woke up that day thinking, "IDK. Should I wear pants or a dress? HOW ABOUT BOTH."

Another trend we noticed? Emma wore a single pearl earring (also from the House of Dior!) on her left lobe—with the hook being bigger than the actual earring itself! Is the single, backwards earring a thing now?

Okay, we kind of had an Oscars 2013 moment right there. Remember when Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence wore the backwards necklace?

Well, that was a hit.

Credits: Main photo (Rex Features); GIF (

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