This Survey Says Women Over 47 Shouldn't Wear Skinny Jeans

PHOTO: Gustavo Arrais

A recent survey conducted among 2,000 Brits has revealed some surprising opinions—including at what age women should give up on mini skirts altogether.

The poll results appeared on Retire Savvy’s website, and included such gems as hanging up your skinny jeans by 47, removing belly button piercings by 38, and swapping out your white sneakers by 49. Oh, and those mini skirts? Savor them, because you will be judged for wearing them after the age of 39.

As ridiculous as these may be, it’s comforting to know that this is the opinion of a small percentage of people, and not necessarily the general consensus. In fact, Retire Savvy spokesperson Clare Mahood shared, “In our community, we often hear from people in their late 40s, 50s and even 60s who enjoy doing many of the things the nation thinks they shouldn’t. These range from DJing in Ibiza and going to festivals, through to taking part in extreme sports and making a name for themselves as a blogger.”

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And if you need any more proof that age really is just a number, take a look at these men and women—captured by Advanced Style blogger Ari Seth Cohen—who are kicking growing old in the ass:

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