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This Shoe Gadget Can Save Your Life

Today in awesome inventions that can help prevent rape. And awkward Tinder dates.

First, there was the invention of drug-detecting nail polish. And then, there was Siren, a ring that sets off an annoying alarm every time someone tries to attack you. The "It" fashion thing for 2015 isn't a pair of culottes or crop tops or ear cuffs, it's actually wearable technology that can potentially save your life.

Creative agency iStrategyLabs just invented "Dorothy"—a system that connects a Bluetooth device (called Ruby) to a smartphone. The device is so tiny, it can be slipped inside your shoe. How does it work? Well, there's a reason why it's called Dorothy: All you have to do is to click your heels together three times, and the device automatically sends a text message—containing your current location—to three of your pre-selected contacts.

You can also program the system to help you get out of an awkward first date. Like, you can actually receive a call on cue from a fake caller. Like "Dad," or "This Is Your Boss, Do Not Ignore," or "Hot Boy I Met At Valkyrie."


While Dorothy is still a prototype, according to Refinery 29, iStrategyLabs is trying to program it in such a way that when you click your heels three times, an Uber car picks you up. Genius, right?

Hope the tech guys are working extra fast, because we really want this under our tree this year!

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