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7 Hot Fashion Trends We Borrowed From Our Titas

Choker necklines are one!

Fashion is forever an evolving art, and half of the time, being fashion forward requires reinventing styles your Ate or *gasp* your mom and your titas enjoyed "'nung kapanahunan nila." The difference? You'll be werking it fiercer than any of them ever did. After all, it is known that every new generation (in this case, ours) re-imagines past trends way more creatively than the oldies did. (Don’t tell your mom I said that!)

Here are seven cool 2017 trends borrowed from fashionistas of yore. We provide the inspirationit's up to you to tweak 'em according to your personal style and make them your own this year.

1. Bardot tops with fluted sleeves

Talk about arm candy. This year, it's all about statement sleeves hanging onto the sinfully feminine, clavicle-baring Bardot top. Sexy French fashion icon Bridget Bardot taught us how off-shoulder shirts can be chic and universally flattering. The sweet-and-sexy design goes up a notch with the addition of billowing cuffs that tickled the fashion scene in the '70s (and revived by Britney and Christina in the early 2000s).

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How to work it: Balance a dramatic top with a simple pair of jeans to keep eyeballs on your sexy collarbone and shoulders.

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2. The choker dress

The neck was "it" in 1996 (and sometime in the '80s). Ditching the actual accessory, Tom Ford sewed on the choker onto his slinky Gucci gownsa look that totally inspired the classy cleavages of today. Go sexy #girlboss like Selena Gomez in this white mini choker dress

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How to work it: Step out in something short and skin-baring, and bring on the attitude. Keep accessories to minimum and let the dress have its moment.

3. Ruffles 

Ruffles were disco club ID in the '80s and grunge princess uniforms in the '90s. Trust us, its sexy-boho-chic versatility can take you from Monday to the weekend. These days, those flamenco frills are more structured but just as fun, regardless of the sleeve length (or even sans sleeves) and your bottom of choice. Hey, you can even wear it as a pool top like Poppy Delevingne did.

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How to work it: Keep it sexy but cute with frayed denims, shorts, or a cotton wrap skirt. You can even wear it to the office for Casual Fridays and style it a la Vanessa Hudgens in this ruffled top-jeans-mules ensemble.

4. Mules

Marilyn Monroe saved this backless footwear from its scandalous rep as the ~*step-in*~ of choice for ladies of the night, and turned it into Carrie Bradshaw's (and every SATC fan's) fave fab "slides" in the late 1990s. Turn to Gigi, Kendall, and Alexa for inspiration—they all love it. 

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How to work it: With the right material and shape, mules can be a perfect fit for almost any outfit. Look how Kate Bosworth worked it with her denim overalls. 

5. Velvet sandals

The velvet craze has our shoes soaked with exciting possibilities. Blame it on Prada's to-die-for designs during the '90s. The style gets a simpler look in this era, though, as seen in this eye-catching mix on Emma Stone.

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How to work it: Dress up ultra-basic pieces like a white tee and frayed jeans with a pair in muted olive, or amp the flirt factor with a pair in dainty blush.

6. Statement necklaces

This statement bling from the era of self-expression reincarnates itself every decade, growing more and more fearless every 10 years or so. Transform your look with these big, bold lookers, whether you're on a first date or an important work meeting. 

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How to work it: Choose a scene-stealing piece to go with your off-shoulder number or dress up a casual, plain top with a glitzy, embellished pick. 

7. Oversized earrings

It's time to shake and swing this flirty trend inspired by our bohemian fashion lolas. As long as you act like you were born to wear and werk it, then you can pull off this fun cuties wearing just about any outfit. Look how Natalie Portman classed it up in 2011 at the Osars. These days, Ariana Grande keeps it sweet but sassy.

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How to work it:  Rule of thumb: Don't get crazy. If your ears are already swinging pompoms or tassels, leave your furry or fringed accessories, shoes, or bag at home.

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