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France Has An Anti-Skinny Law For Models Now

But it's not exactly working.

France isn’t too happy about ultra-skinny models walking down the runway, because there's a new law that now bans super thin models from the catwalk if they fall below the required Body Mass Index (BMI).

And there's a pretty large fine, too. According to The Guardian, French agencies who use skinny models for shows could pay 75,000 euros, or face up to six months in prison. Because here's an alarming statistic: 40,000 of people suffer from anorexia in the country, and 90% of that are women.

There are actually no deets yet on the required BMI that every model should have. But according to the World Health Organization, an adult with a BMI below 18.5 is underweight; 18 is malnourished; and 17 is severely malnourished. In France, the average model—who is 5'9—usually has a BMI of 16. 

You’d think that the new law would encourage models to live a healthier lifestyle, but that’s not exactly the case. Former model Jennifer Sky wrote an editorial for The New York Observer, where she revealed that models are now wearing Spanx with “weighted sandbags” so girls could reach the required BMI. The girls were also starting to put “weights in their hair” just so they could walk the runway [via].

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