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Here's How To Look Rich Without Spending A LOT

It's possible!

Not blessed with an unlimited shopping budget? It doesn't mean you can't look it! Here, we enumerate budget-friendly fashion hacks that'll make you look like it's bagong sweldo every day.

1. Have a style uniform. 
Think sophisticated LBDs or cigarette trousers. Wear a certain style often enough and people will soon learn to associate it with you. 

2. Keep it sleek and neat. 
Polished details, sharp tailoring, and sleek silhouettes give people the impression that you're well-to-do. So do sheath dresses, ladies-who-lunch outfits, or anything that seems straight out of the Hamptons. Don't forget to keep your hair and makeup neat and classic, too.

3. Stick to the basics. 
Stock up on high-quality basic items like genuine leather totes and sleek ballet flats.

4. Wear only authentic products. 
Stay away from Class AAA finds. You’re only fooling yourself. A manufacturer can copy the exact design of the real deal, but the quality of craftsmanship will never be the same.

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5. Logo mania is a no-no. 
Do not put brands on display. It’s like shoving the price tag in your seatmate’s face.

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