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Is The Barbie Head Ring The Next Hot Accessory?

We can't decide if it's cute or creepy.
PHOTO: Etsy/G. Jarvis

Somebody is repurposing the heads of abandoned Barbie dolls in the most unexpected way.

As Metro reports: "Some creative genius on Etsy (where else?) has found a use for unloved Barbie dolls, by slicing her face off and sticking them onto rings."

"The dolls have all been previously played with and so lived a good life before they were decapitated, which does ease the conscience somewhat," the report explains.

Each Barbie head ring costs around P541.24.

The seller, who goes by the handle "gjarvisjewelryetc" on Etsy, has also repurposed other dolls. In case you're interested, there are rings featuring the head of Barbie's partner, Ken.

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