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James Corden Walks For Burberry And Nails It


What happens when you get a normal guy (a.k.a. British host and comedian James Corden) to walk for a huge fashion show in Los Angeles? 

Okay, side story: James Corden, who hosts his own talk show The Late Late Show With James Corden, recently had model Naomi Campbell as a guestThe British model joked that the comedian should actually consider a career in modeling. And when Naomi Campbell says you should be a model, you should be a model.

Three days later, James found himself closing the Burberry show in Los Angeles—where people like Anna Wintour, the Beckhams, Kate Beckinsale, Mila Kunis, and Sir Elton John were guests.

The video is HILARIOUS, you guys. Right before James walks the show, he screams out, "You're fierce! You're fierce! You're vulnerable!"

And then he goes, "Somebody give me a pastry! I need a Danish."

Somebody also give this guy a modeling contract.

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