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James And Nadine Twin It Up In The Land Of Couple Outfits

South Korea is just about the most appropriate place to twin with bae.
PHOTO: Instagram/jaye.wolf

ICYDK, South Korea is a country with a thriving dating scene. Couple culture is on a whole new level, and Korea's countless holidays for people in relationships are proof. Let's not forget certain trends that celebrate being attached—couple outfits, we're looking at you.

Which is why, during James Reid and Nadine Lustre's recent trip to Seoul for the Coldplay concert, our anticipation was extremely high for a few twinning OOTDs. You could even say it was off the roof. (Pun intended—you'll get why in a minute.) Thankfully, the celebrity couple practically handed it to us on a silver platter, serving up some cool coordinating looks befitting a trip to South Korea.

Below, all three instances of JaDine going full-on matchy-matchy in a photo set James dubbed "rooftop series":

1. #TeamCozy

If it's black and emblazoned with choice streetwear and athleisure brands, these two will probably wear it. Bring on the crop tops and track pants—Nadz is on a roll. James, way to work that sexy smolder.

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2. Love Lockdown

When couples want to declare their love for each other, they leave a padlock at N Seoul Tower's famous chain-link fences and throw away the key. While we'll never know what JaDine wrote on theirs, we can at least admire how picture-perfect they look in their matching white pullovers.

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3. Rooftop Prince

A day in the life of Nadz and James often seems to involve an impromptu fashion editorial. CGs, if you want to ace your and bae's travel photos, take a tip from these two. Spring for matching denim jackets and round sunnies while you're at it!

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