Kendall Jenner Wore A Sexy + Punk Rock Powerpuff Girl Costume

This is NOT the same Buttercup from the cartoon, fam.
PHOTO: Instagram/kendall.vogue

Kendall Jenner celebrated her 22nd birthday (which actually takes place on Nov. 3) on Halloween night with a costume party at a club in L.A. For her own ensemble, Kendall went as Buttercup, or "the green one" from the iconic Cartoon Network show, The Powerpuff Girls.

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But while most would just put on a mod mini dress, a pair of Mary Janes, and call it a day, Kendall did not do that. Her version of Buttercup may be a little into bondage and like to attend punk rock concerts. It's a vibe!

Hailey Baldwin, who went as Bubbles, or "the blue one," was equally hardcore and sexy.

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"The pink one," a.k.a. Blossom, was not actually there, though Kendall's friend Justine Skye did attend in a purple Powerpuff Girl-esque getup and called herself "Bliss." Same thing? IDK!

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