Maxene Magalona And Robby Mananquil Love Sneaker Shoefies!

Inspo for you and your bae.

Does your guy visibly shudder at the idea of matching outfits from head to toe? Instead of forcing him to full-on twin with you, take the sly, subtle route with coordinating sneakers. Maxene Magalona and Robby Mananquil are practically pros at this, as evidenced by the following posts:

1. Black-clad legs and matching gray trainers

2. Adorable shoelace hearts

3. Working up a sweat in his-and-hers Nikes

4. Doubling up on denim jackets and Adidas NMDs

5. Neutrals are the easiest to match!

6. Dressed in black from head to toe—except for those clean white sneakers, of course

7. Sole mates in coordinated bottoms and footwear

8. Traveling the world in timeless shell-toe Superstars

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