The New Penshoppe DenimLab 2019 Shows The Future Of Denim

Don't be afraid to stand out with #PenshoppeDenimLab2019.

Global fashion retail brand, Penshoppe, just unveiled its latest collection, Penshoppe DenimLab 2019. The line ventures beyond fashion norms to create a new look with deconstructed, futuristic denim.

Kendall Jenner in Penshoppe DenimLab 2019. #KendallXPenshoppe

Penshoppe DenimLab 2019 is all about taking risks and being unafraid to try something new. Meant for those who want to be ahead of the curve, it pairs the familiar sporty, polished aesthetic with an unfinished, “under construction” look.

Dara Park in Penshoppe DenimLab 2019. #DaraXPenshoppe #PenshoppeDenimLab2019

Sporty statement pieces with labels, graphic print, and bold slogans are made rugged by raw-cut edges, frayed hems, and exposed stitches and zippers.

Zayn in Penshoppe DenimLab 2019 Collection #ZaynXPenshoppe #PenshoppeDenimLab2019

Meanwhile, reflective tapes, straps and snaps, heavy-duty box pockets, and contemporary materials like translucent plastic (for the accessories) give the collection its industrial, utilitarian air.

Joo Hyuk in Penshoppe DenimLab 2019 Collection #JooHyukXPenshoppe #PenshoppeDenimLab2019

Check out Kendall Jenner, Zayn Malik, Paris Jackson, Dara Park, and Joo Hyuk wearing pieces from the Penshoppe DenimLab 2019 collection in the video below:

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