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4 Style Lessons We Learned From Alex Gonzaga

Fashion advice we got from our December Cosmo cover girl's Instagram account!

1. Your tailor should be your best friend.

It's true. Every girl should have a tailor or a designer she can trust. Designer dresses don't look good on people because they're expensive; they look good on people, because they're made to fit the subject. You've probably heard this fashion advice a billion times, but it really doesn't matter where you buy the outfit—if it looks ill-made, it won't work on you. If you have a dress that's been sitting inside your closet for months now, and you KNOW it can fit you with the proper tailoring, take it to your mananahi. You'll be surprised what magic she can breathe into it. 


2.  Know what looks great on your body.

Alex has a slim waist and slender arms, and she knows it. So the gowns that she usually wears during formal events hug her figure, and show off her shoulders and collarbone. Ask yourself, "What's the best thing about my body?" Exploit that. Exploit that A LOT.

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3. Hey, it's okay if you look up to someone, fashion- or beauty-wise.


If you have a celebrity girl crush you super admire, don't be afraid to cop her look. Alex things Ariana Grande is thebombdotcom, hence, this hair. Bagay, 'di ba? Look for someone who shares your features. If you have thick eyebrows, look at how Cara Delevingne does her makeup. If you have cheekbones that resemble Kim Jones, stalk her on Instagram and find out how she poses for #selfies. If you have legs like Anne Curtis, find out how she makes them look longer and leaner. 


4. The best outfits are actually the most understated ones.

Accessories, they say, complete an outfit. And though that is partially true (you can literally wear a silver chain necklace and make your LBD look different), sometimes outfits can do away with it. Do not go out of the house without looking at yourself at the mirror. It takes 10 seconds to remove a necklace that's too OA. Or to replace heels that don't go with a dress.


You know how sometimes you look at yourself at the mirror and go, "OMG I look great!" And then you get to the office, and go "WTF was I thinking when I put on this outfit five minutes ago?" Most of those moments aren't because of what you're wearing. Sometimes, it's the accessories—the bag, the shoes, the bracelets—that make your ensemble look baduy.

Alex's all-white jumpsuit is simple, classic. Most girls would probably look at it, and go "It needs more color! More accessories!" Sometimes, the best thing to do is to just leave the outfit alone.


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