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Things To Know If You Want To Have A Boudoir Photo Shoot

Tap into your inner goddess!

The first time you heard about boudoir photographywas it from your bride-to-be friend who’s planning a steamy gift for her fiancé as a surprise? More than a wedding add-on to spice things up, it’s a way for a woman to celebrate her look, gain self-confidence, or tap into her inner pinup model (or Victoria’s Secret angel) and have these moments last forever.

First things first: Boudoir-style photography is far from Samantha Jones’ nude photo shoot in one Sex and the City episode. Boudoir images are sensual, not vulgar, like you just happen to lounge in your undies on a sunny afternoon. In fact, you don’t have to take a trip to La Senza and buy a new push-up plunge bra. Your favorite crop top, cute dress, and slouchy sweater are just as sexy when styled right.

Sold! But where do you start? Well, there’s Boudoir le Blanc, a private, modern-day boudoir photography studio in Alabang. Its goal is to bring the full boudoir experience to their clients in a non-intimidating environment. Oh, and you need not worry about some creepy guy shooting you half-naked—the team here is all female. Even so, mustering the courage to get your sexy on in front of strangers takes some planning, so we asked Heather White-Escudero, Boudoir le Blanc’s creative director, for tips on how to prep and get over your fear of the camera.

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The all-important question is, what do you wear?

“We consider the client’s body type, skin tone, personality, and other factors then put it all together in a customized wardrobe mood board. This board becomes her guide to prepare her clothes for the shoot. Comfort plays a huge role in the final outcome, so we encourage ladies to bring clothes that they feel sexy in.” 

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What about hair and makeup?

“We have our own hair and makeup team that’s also part of the conceptualization process. I would suggest that you show your makeup artist photos of looks that you like, and let her take it from there. Always be vocal if you would like something changed.”

How do you conceptualize a boudoir’s theme?

“To us, it’s all about authenticity. When we inject our client’s individual personalities into their shoot, the outcome is genuine. They end up with the most beautiful versions of themselves.”

What’s your get-confident trick for making a woman look and feel confident in front of the camera?

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“Commit to it! Once you decide that you want this, throw caution to the wind and embrace the experience from start to finish. Always remember that every lady is unique, so focus on what you love about yourself.”

(Writer’s note: For ladies who need a little liquid courage, the studio has its own mini-bar.)

Can you give us a quick tip on how to have great photos?

“We love to utilize natural sunlight at our studio and every woman looks best in this kind of light.”

For more details and to book a session, visit Boudoir le Blanc. 

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