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The 7 Weirdest Jean Trends Of 2017 (So Far)

Like plastic jeans.
PHOTO: Instagram/brooksybradshaw

We know that the fashion industry is always pushing the envelope when it comes to trends, but some fads just make us go, “SRSLY?” Here are the craziest jeans we spotted on both the runways and the streets this year. Would you sport these, CGs? 

1. Clear Panel Mom Jeans

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Though they're high-waist and cropped, they aren’t just mom jeans—they’re MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans from Topshop. Each pair has multiple pockets, and features plastic panels that bare your knees. Is it to protect the knees—and the knees alone—from Mother Nature’s wet elements? Props to BuzzFeed for giving it a clever nickname—Jindows.

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2. Half Jeans

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A DIY look started by singer/actress Ryan Destiny at the recent Coachella, half jeans is as confusing as it looks. You may need a lot of celebrity chutzpah, and, not to mention, a helicopter backdrop to pull off this look.

3. Plastic Jeans

Another Topshop creation, a pair of MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Jeans is guaranteed to get people talking and wondering, “Are they still considered jeans if the entire thing is made of plastic?” More important question: What’s the best thing to wear underneath—a thong, boy-cut panties, a pair of leggings, or commando?

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4. Fake Mud Jeans

Distressed jeans are nothing new, but luxury denim brand PRPS is taking it a notch further with a design called, Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans. The denim has a caked-on faux mud coating to show the world that you’re not afraid to get down and dirty. It has even earned the monikers “mud jeans” and “heavily distressed jeans” on social media. For $425, perhaps it’s better to just go DIY.

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5. Bare Butt Jeans

This cheeky collaboration between Vetements and Levi’s will make bystanders do a double take. Aside from the zippers down the back of the legs, there’s a zipper right on the back-center seam. Whether you’ll use this to air out your booty or show off your undies, it’s guaranteed to be a fashion statement—or get you arrested for indecent exposure.

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6. Inside-Out Jeans 

If you have $975 to spare, you may get this Ben Taverniti Unravel Project that’s designed to look like it’s completely inside out, from the buttons to the pockets. The right-hand pocket reads, “To create something new, you must first destroy.” Speaking of destroy, maybe you can just wear your regular jeans inside out and slay it with a dozen hashtags on Instagram.

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7. Tulle Jeans

Is it rugged or is it dainty? Topshop had us confused yet again with two designs that incorporate tulle. One is the MOTO Tulle Hem Jeans—mid-rise, cropped, straight-cut jeans with black tulle coming out of the leg hems. The other is MOTO Tulle Skirt Jaime Jeans—skinny jeans with a black tulle overlay. It feels like they let a group of tweens play dress-up in their design room and these are the results.

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