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10 Trends To Keep Or Ditch In 2017

The experts have spoken, but will you listen?
PHOTO: Ben Goldstein/Studio D

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to evaluate things—our wardrobes included! asked several fashion experts to clue us in on the trends that still have room in our closets this 2017, and those that we're better off without. Some of the looks to ditch are tried-and-tested favorites (hello, plain white sneakers!), so it's ultimately up to you. Are you ready to embrace change, or are you sticking to what you know and love?

DITCH: Soft, romantic dressing

"The tulip flare has moved onto a sharper asymmetric hemline, the soft lingerie-dressing look has evolved into strong and powerful corsetry details, and the romantic and luxe velvets of the past are now modernized with an easy-to-wear attitude," explains Gennie Yi, buyer of designer and ready-to-wear at designer retailer Intermix.

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KEEP: Artistic details

"Whether directly inspired by a particular artist's work, painterly prints, or patterns, strong art references will be here to stay in 2017," shares Kate Foley, contributing fashion director of Vestiaire Collective.

DITCH: Classic white sneakers

According to Roopal Patel, fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue,"Clean classic sneakers are not as exciting anymore. It's now about sneakers that are embellished or have something like emojis or logos on them." 

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KEEP: Statement sneakers

"Glitter, leopard, and satin updates to sneakers effortlessly dress up an outfit and give you a reason to buy multiple pairs," advises Yi.

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DITCH: Corsets

"Corsets had such a huge moment this year, but I'm not sure if I see designers continuing this into 2017 after the trend was covered in such a major way in the press," explains Foley.

KEEP: Elegant athleisure

Effortless, elegant outfits will blow up in 2017, and "the influence of athletic-inspired pieces will continue," says Brooke Jaffe, Bloomingdale's OVP and fashion director of ready-to-wear.

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DITCH: Four- to five-inch heels

According to  Sean Kirschenbaum, co-owner of The Shoebox, "Women nowadays are way more focused on comfort and practicality, which is why there has been such an increase in demand for sneakers and low block-heels."

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KEEP: Mules

"They were big for 2016 and they will be even bigger for 2017," adds Kirschenbaum. 

DITCH: Stretchy skinny jeans

"We anticipate a shift toward contrast denim styles in vintage silhouettes," shares Jaffe.

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KEEP: Stripes

Stripes are definitely here to stay! Patel says, "They have nine lives. We've seen the trend now for two to three seasons and it will continue to carry forward."

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