Unleash The Style Rebel In You With Petrol Jeans' Edgy Denim Pieces

The American utilitarian brand lands in Manila and starts a denim revolution with its line of raw, rock star-worthy duds.

Ripped jeans, leather jackets, and a devil-may-care attitude--they're not just for toughies anymore. Now you, too, can channel your inner rebel as American denim brand Petrol Jeans announces its arrival in Manila.

At the fashion show featuring Petrol Jeans' fall/winter 2012 collection, tough denim, careless fringe, layering of textures, and an avant-garde approach to cuts and combinations conquered the runway. Using this raw, rock star-worthy style statement, Petrol Jeans spreads its message of speaking out against the status quo and being true to yourself.

Want to see the uber-edgy looks models rocked during the Petrol Jeans launch and snag tips on suiting up like a style rebel? Check out our gallery for our exclusive runway photos!

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