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10 Closet Commandments According To Taylor Swift

She dresses better than you, and you know it.

10. Thou shall own at least ONE pair of high-waisted shorts.

Not everyone was #blessed with Tay's model-esque gams, but you can cheat your way to longer-looking stems with a pair of short (like really, really short) shorts. Pair with your sexiest stilettos, or in Taylor's case, oxfords or ankle booties!

9. Speaking of ankle boots! Thou shall own ankle boots in various colors.

Red, black, brown, high-heeled, no heels, kitten heels—Taylor probaby has an entire closet devoted to her boots. She's particularly fond of low-heeled ones, which give you height, without sacrificing comfort. 

8. Thou shall own a striped tee.

Admit it, you've been totally hoarding those 3/4 striped shirts since Taylor made them look cool.

7. Thou shall perfect the cat eye. At all times.

It's a beauty trick we've never quite mastered, but the truth is, no flawless feline flick is done in one go! Here's how it's done: Draw from the inner corner of your eyes to the middle of your lashline, and stop! Then draw a flick in the outer corner of your eyes. Connect the two lines by filling in the gap with the eyeliner.

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6. Thou shall not be afraid of gold.

Or gunmetal! Or glitter! Or anything that sparkles!

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5. Thou shall look super poised and cool—despite a wardrobe malfunction in front of thousands of people.

Which brings us to the fourth commandment...

4. Thou shall wear cute underwear at all times, in case of a wardrobe malfunction in front of thousands of people.

3. Thou shall wear red lipstick when you're feeling ugly.

Oh, you know those days when you just wake up and you feel...not cute? I think we've proven countless times that the answer to most girl problems is red lipstick. Fought with your boyfriend the night before, so now you have horrible eye bags? Red lipstick. Have a meeting with your office crush today, and you want to look hot? Red lipstick. You look so plain and boring in a white tee and jeans? Red lipstick.

2. Thou shall own a pretty dress.

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We don't care what kind of dress. It can be floral, lace, tailored, sheath, bodycon, LWD, LBD, LRD—God, you can have it in every color of the rainbow. Own something that makes you feel good and nice and special and a G I R L.

1. Thou shall always be effortlessly chic and cool.

Because that's how T-Swizzle rolls.

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