5 High Heel Hacks Every Girl Should Know

You don't need to sacrifice comfort for style anymore.

Since the beginning of time, women have had a love-hate relationship with high heels, thus the saying "tiis ganda." They hurt like hell when worn too long, they cause blisters that make you want to cry, and hey, they even make your calves look big sometimes. But none of these reasons ever stopped women from strutting their stuff in sky-high stilettos.

If you're as stubborn as we are, here are a few tips on how to master the art of walking in heels:

1. Practice at home!

Start in your room and once you're a little more confident, head for the stairs. Practice in your garage, too! Because we all know parking lots are never heel-friendly.

2. The thicker the heel, the more comfortable the shoe is.

It's all about being smart about your heel of choice. Block heels are comfy and on-trend, too!

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3. Apply deodorant on your steppers before use. 

We know it sounds weird, but we promise you, it works. Spraying deodorant on your heels prevents your pretty feet from sliding and rubbing, which are the main causes of blisters. 

4. Learn how to break in your shoes before using them.

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You need three things: candle wax, socks, and a blow dryer.

5. Tape it!

Wrap your third and fourth toes together to help you go that extra mile. Apparently, there's a nerve that's found in between those toes, and that nerve gets enlarged every time you wear ill-fitting shoes or heels. Taping the toes together puts less strain, so walking in stilettos becomes so much more bearable.

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