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5 Instant Confidence Tricks You'll Need In Your Life

Been feeling blah lately? Read on to reclaim your Cosmo shine!

On some days, you feel beautiful, cool, and ready to take the world by storm. But you also have days when self-doubt paralyzes you. It could be because of that major fight with your BF, that stressful slip-up at work, or a plain insecurity attack. Overcome the blues by using any of these helpful hints from these fab females who lead fab lives. Couple these tips with a this-too-shall-pass mindset, and you’ll get your mojo back in no time. Lisa Firestone, PhD, co-author of Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice says, “When you allow yourself to imagine good things, the exhilaration fuels you and improves your chances of success.” Read on to reclaim your Cosmo shine!

“Being mentally prepared for anything is my best confidence trick. It’s important for me to get ready for everything—be it work or a fun trip—so I can enjoy to the hilt without worrying. A swipe of red lipstick doesn’t hurt either!” —Shawn Yao, model/TV personality


“There’s nothing like having nice skin. I put on nourishing moisturizer for my face and body to make me feel smooth and silky all over. Whether you’re mestiza or morena, you’ll project a more radiant vibe when your skin’s glowing.” —Patty Betita, model/personality development consultant


“Nail polish perks me up. It’s just an instant boost of color! Seeing vibrant hues like red, purple, and turquoise on my nails makes me a tad happier no matter what mood I’m in.” —Lexi Schulze, TV host/writer


“When I feel blah, I can always count on having my hair curled to make me feel more confident. It’s probably just a mind thing, but it makes me feel good!” —Rep. Lucy Torres Gomez congresswoman/celebrity


“I’m always in comfy, no-fuss clothes like jeans and tank tops. So, I put on an ultra-feminine dress when I need a confidence boost. I find that wearing a dress that’s comfortable and fits me well makes me feel extra pretty.” —Lorraine Lapus, model/surf instructor

This story originally appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, September 2011. 

* Minor edits have been made by editors

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