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5 Surprising Accessory Combinations You Never Thought Would Work

Up your fashion game with these unexpected pairings.
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Some things might not seem to make sense, but they just come together to become the most ~marvelous~ combinations ever created. Think of it as the sartorial equivalent to popcorn and chocolate or jam and cheese. Yum! The best part is there’s one shop that has everything for every woman out there. SM Accessories is a treasure trove of untold wonders no matter your ~aesthetic~. Read on to find out which of our finds best suit your style.

1. Femme Fatale

(Pearl drop earrings, starts at 199.75php; Black sling bag, 499.75php; Skeleton frame sunnies, starts at 249.75)

You’re the queen of sugar and spice, leather and lace, and the good ol’ trick of playing hot and cold. You know that nothing works like mixing things up to get what you want, even in fashion. The combination of metals with pearls and lots of edgy blacks, like the bag and sunnies, will have you looking like an impish vixen who can rouse anyone’s attention.

2. Girl Boss

(Faux leather watches, starts at 299.75php; Loop statement necklace, starts at 299.75php; Knot headbands, starts at 129.75php)

You don’t take things sitting down in love, life, and the workplace. Your bold spirit has led you to climb the corporate ladder and dominate everything else with aplomb. Venture into new fashion territory by pairing structured corporate favorites with a daring statement piece, like this leather watch and bag with the gold necklace.

3. Indie Queen

(Straw hat, starts at 199.75php; Rose gold sunnies, starts at 249.75php; 2-way structured bag, starts at 449.75php)

You know that there is more than one way to skin a cat. In fact, it’s your approach to style. Dressing like the free spirit you are means being unafraid to mismatch your wardrobe staples and accessories. Straw hat, brown shoulder bag, and blush sunnies? Check, check, and check!

4. Artsy Chick

(Jeweled bag with changeable strap, starts at 749.75php; Satin headbands, starts at 99.75php; Tri-cord nautical necklace, starts at 399.75php; Faux leather belt, starts at 199.75php)

You def aced art school and picking the right color combinations just comes naturally to you. It even shows in your OOTDs! Only you know how to pair a studded shoulder bag, headband, multi-strand necklace, and skinny belt in various shades of the rainbow all together in one ensemble, because your fashion choices are as bright as your spirit.

5. Beach Babe

(Tassel scarf, starts at 199.75php; Angled aviators, starts at 249.75php; Round beach hat, starts at 199.75php)

You love the sun and the sun loves you, except when you don’t wear (sun) protection. Make sure to cover up in style with a wide-brim hat, summer scarf and mirrored sunnies. It works whether you’re rocking a frilly off-shoulder bikini or a classic red high-cut maillot, and you know it!

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