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6 Style Tips Every Tall Human Should Know

Your height is the best thing about you!

1. Heels are always a good thing, so don't shy away from them just because you are a giant.
"Why do you bother wearing stilettos when you're already taller than everyone else?" is a question most tall girls hate answering. 
Eh bakit ba?

Taylor Swift (the girl is about 5'11, sans heels), Karlie Kloss (6'1), and Kendall Jenner (5'10) wear heels every day. They are taller than most women—even in flats—but they do not care if they stand out. 

According to a statistic I invented, 100% of clothes look better on your body when you're in the highest of heels. Your back is straighter, so your boobs actually look bigger. Your butt is perkier, and legs look longer than usual. On a scale of 1 to Victoria's Secret Angel hot, you are at 11. Don't shy away from heels.

2. Play your strengths.
You have legs that go on for days, long, slender arms, and a sexy torso, so clothes will look good on you automatically. Stop hiding in baggy and oversized clothes. Wear a pair of micro shorts, rock an off-shoulder top to flaunt your shoulders, and get an itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie mini skirt if you want to show off your stems. 

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There is no such thing as, "Oh, I can't wear that, because I'm too tall." You CAN wear those clothes BECAUSE you are tall.

3. Speaking of baggy clothes! Oversized things look great on you actually.
It's a matter of striking a balance between individual pieces. Loose boyfriend jeans and a men's blazer may look overwhelming and frumpy on a petite girl, but on you, they look perfect.

4. You know how we said you should play your strengths?
Yeah, that includes working a maxi skirt or dress with a ridiculously high slit. Your legs are an asset, so use them to your advantage.

5. Try a little DIY cropping.
You know how you can never buy the perfect pair of jeans, because they all look SO short? We feel ya. To make your pants seem like sinadya-naman-siyang-maikli, fold them twice. So they don't look awkwardly bitin.

6. Some stores were actually made for tall girls, so shop there.
Sometimes, it is frustrating to go inside a store and come out with absolutely nothing, because the proportions are all wrong. So save yourself the time and hassle by going to shops that actually sell clothes perfect for tall women.

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Stores like Zara, Mango, H&M, Suiteblanco, and Cotton On have an assortment of tops that don't look like crop tops on you, while Freego and Wrangler have jeans that actually reach your ankles.

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