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8 Totally Doable Holiday Outfit Inspirations From Our Favorite Celebs

"But I have nothing to wear" is no longer a valid excuse.

8. Tight-fitting skirt + Crop sweater

While we love a good crop top, it's not exactly Simbang Gabi material. Opt for a crop sweater that ends right above where your pencil skirt's waistband is. You'll still look sexy and stylish—and won't get any judgmental looks from the titas at church.

7. High-waisted pants + Crop top

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High-waisted, wide-legged pants with elastic waistbands are honestly the coolest things to wear to a Christmas party, because 1. They can hide your food baby; and 2. Everyone will be in a skirt or a dress, and you will be a total rockstar in pants.

6. Leather leggings + Blazer

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You will always (always!) look put-together in this outfit combination no matter how many tequila shots you down at the office Christmas party.

5. A long white dress

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Anything long and flowy that can conceal the biggest holiday food baby will let you win best dressed. FOREVER.

4. A pastel-colored A-line dress

Girls will be wearing two things this season: Anything black or anything sparkly. Be the girl in a rose-colored mini-dress, because everyone remembers the girl in a rose-colored mini-dress.

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3. A bodycon dress

Everybody said that the bodycon dress will die eventually, in favor of boxy, loose tops—but the skin-tight dress is still here. If a frock makes you feel good and sexy and slim, wear it.


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Just kidding. But hey, if Taylor pulled this off for Halloween, there is no reason you shouldn't do it for Christmas. It looks quite festive!

1. Absolutely nothing.

Your boyfriend will love this post-holiday party. ;)

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