9 Celebrity-Approved Tricks To Take The Perfect OOTD

Take cues from your favorite stars!



Trying to master the art of taking a double-tap worthy OOTD? Then you’re in luck because we’ve got some helpful tips for you. When it comes to posing and smizing, the stars definitely know what they're doing! Below are nine celebrity-approved tricks you can apply next time you snap a photo of your outfit.

1. Make sure to pose from head to toe.

#Werq it like Anne Curtis!

2. Good lighting is key.

P.S. The filter can also make or break your photo!

3. Choose an interesting background.

A picturesque spot helps reap those insta-hearts. Like Isabelle Daza, pick one that will complement your look.

4. A solid-colored backdrop never fails, too.

It makes you stand out, just like Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo.

5. Mind your angle.

A photo taken from a lower angle can instantly make you look taller. Let Georgina Wilson show you how it’s done.

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6. You don’t always have to look at the camera.

It’s called candid, and even Nadine Lustre knows this trick.

7. But if you decide to, don’t forget to smize.

Look at Janine Gutierrez doing her thang!

8. You can even throw in some props.

Be as creative as Kim Jones and you’re golden!

9. Pretend you’re being chased by the paparazzi.

If you follow Liz Uy on IG, then you know this works all the time!

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